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Computer Best Practices
Set-up & Optimization Services
The following practices can and should be performed by anyone with a Windows
based computer for optimal protection and performance.
A good Anti-Virus program is essential. Software like Norton and McAfee are good, but
expensive and tend to slow your computer down unnecessarily as they have become large
and bloated programs. These days, I recommend the free Microsoft Essentials for Windows
7. It is no longer supported on Windows XP. AVG and Avira are good alternatives. Windows
8 & 10 come with Microsoft Defender. Keep them all up to date and let it do the scheduled
weekly scan of your computer. Regardless of the AV program you choose, manually update
the virus definitions regularly. If you do install new AV software, un-install all others as
having more than one anti-virus program is counter productive as they tend to
fight with each other. 
Windows Updates
Microsoft Windows (all versions) needs to be updated on a regular basis. Microsoft
releases patches for the operating systems on the second Tuesday of every month. Set
your computer to download and install Windows updates automatically, and your system
will be better protected. Windows XP should be updated to Service Pack 3 (Microsoft no
longer supports XP with critical updates.) Windows 7 to Service Pack 1.
Windows 8 to 8.1 and Windows 10 has major yearly updates.
Malware & Spyware
These pesky and harmful programs can slip by any anti-virus software. A good anti-
malware/spyware program is essential. I recommend using at least two, and scanning
regularly as no one program catches all the threats. I like Malwarebytes and Super Anti-
Spyware. Spy-bot and Ad Aware are still good alternatives. All have free versions available.
Again, keep the definitions up to date and scan your computer regularly.
One day your system will crash, your hard drive will die, or you will delete those important
files or pictures on your computer. Back up your computer regularly. Use an external
hard drive, thumb drive or even blank CD’s or DVD’s. You can also backup to the cloud.
Don’t wait until your system dies to wish you had saved your data!
Windows Start-up
Almost every program you install wants to start and load in resident memory every time you
boot your computer. (Some of these can be seen in the system tray, bottom right corner
next to the clock.) This takes valuable resources away from what you actually want to do.
These programs can be set not to load unless you actually want to run them. There are 
probably programs installed on your computer you never use. These can be un-installed to
give you more room on your hard drive and make your system run better. This is all
included in my optimization and clean up service.
The above items are things most users can do themselves or I can perform these
services for you. Most I can actually do remotely by using my remote access software
The following items should be performed by a qualified technician.
Windows Repair
After a few years, Windows files can become corrupt and your system will slow down or
start acting funny (errors, programs won’t open, etc.) I can perform a Windows OS repair,
using the original disc or partition that came with your computer. I recommend a complete
re-install of the operating system every 4-5 years. All data such as documents, pictures,
videos, music and e-mail need to be backed up to an external source. I can format your
hard drive, and reinstall the operating system. We can then re-install your programs and
data. This is also considered as a last resort when your system is corrupted or infected
beyond reasonable repair with viruses, and/or malware. The bad news is all your programs
will have to be re-installed. The good news is your computer will run as well as the day you
bought it! (Probably better, as you will not have all the bloat-ware, trial programs, AOL, etc.
that originally came on your computer!)
Upgrades can really make a difference on how your computer performs. Adding more RAM
(memory) is the best & most inexpensive way to get more speed out of an older PC.  If you
are re-loading your operating system, it’s a great time to consider a new hard drive. Any
new hard drive will undoubtedly be larger and faster (and cheaper) than your old one. On
average, hard drives should be replaced every 5 years or so. After memory & hard drive,
the cost of upgrading an older computer (new motherboard & processor, video card, etc.)
can get to be nearly as expensive as buying a new one. If you do decide on a new
computer, I can set it up for you.
Old or New Set-up
If you feel its time to re-install Windows, replace your hard drive or buy a new computer, my
Setup Service will have you ready to surf the web the moment you hook it up. The
Windows operating system that comes on your new PC will not be up to date on service
packs and patches. The same goes for a re-install using your original disc or partition. You
will also be missing many programs needed for normal computer operation. My set-up
service includes downloading and installing all current service packs and patches along
with installing and updating anti-virus, Adobe Reader, Flash, Java and all other programs
you will need to start using your computer again right away. All of my services include
testing the memory and hard drive, optimization of start-up programs, cleaning the registry
and defragging your computer as well as an internal cleaning (blowing out the dust) and
external cleaning of your desktop or laptop.
I can install additional free software upon request such as I-Tunes, Firefox, Chrome,  CD
Burning software, etc. plus malware & spyware programs. Of course if you have your
original software program discs and data, I can re-install and restore those as well as any
other program you want on your computer. My refresh Windows service includes backing
up and restoring your personal data. Depending on your computer’s license, I have full
versions of all Microsoft Windows OS and can also upgrade your PC.
Whether you’re having a software or hardware issue, I can fix your problem on any desktop
or laptop computer. I offer free diagnoses and can advise you on the best course of action.
Make your computer run as fast as the day you bought it (or even faster!)
I work out of my home-office in Gray Tennessee, centrally located to most of the
Tri-Cities overhead is low so my prices are low! Call or e-mail me and I
can even arrange to pick up and deliver your computer.
...or tomorrow! ;) Born in the USA!
PC Repair

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